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Peaceful Productivity Workshop: Do Creative Work With Greater Ease

Oct 4th, 2021 Abbigail Community, Practice

The Peaceful Productivity Workshop is about finding ways to consistently create art of any kind without the common feelings of fear and anxiety or the trap of procrastination.

In it, writer, producer and One Down Dog student, Jessie Rosen (not to be confused with ODD founder, Jessica Rosen 😜) will discuss the effects of your environment, tricks of time, and hacks to happiness, providing applicable techniques to put immediately into practice.

Wednesday Oct 13th, 2021

5pm-6pm (Pacific Time) // 8pm-9pm (Eastern Time)

Cost to attend: $10

All proceeds go to the One Down Dog Student Fund which supports our students and funds our BIPOC Teacher Training Scholarship.

What we'll cover in this online workshop:

Pt 1: The Effect of Environment

We’ll discuss how to mine for the best place to be productive.

Pt 2: The Trick of Time

Figure out when you work best and for how long.

Pt 3: Happiness Hacks

Mood is everything when it comes to approaching art. Keeping your energy calm and your spirits high takes practice.

Pt 4: Awe Plus Art

Ways to find motivation and stay in that zone throughout the length of a project.

Led by Jessie Rosen

Jessie is a writer, producer, and teacher with over a decade of experience in TV, film, novels, copywriting, branded content, storytelling, procrastination, and productivity.

She is obsessed with the process of creativity. Her goal: to bring ease to the experience of getting ideas out of our heads and onto the page - whether that’s a word doc, a canvas, your piano, or the stage.

$10 - all proceeds will go to the ODD Fund

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