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Advanced Training: Asana, Anatomy, and Teaching Part 1

October 19th 6:00 PM - December 3rd 6:00 PM
One Down Dog Silverlake
Led by
Niki Saccareccia and Sam Akers
This 72 hour advanced training takes place over the course of 4 weekends. Gain a better understanding of how different forms are presented in postures and learn how to assist individuals in a group class setting while still thoughtfully managing the collective. 
image of yoga teachers with the words: body reading for alignment an 18 hr advanced yoga teacher training

Advanced Training: Body Reading for Alignment

October 20th 6:00 PM - October 22nd 8:00 PM
One Down Dog Silverlake
Led by
Samantha Akers
Join Sam Akers, (C-IATY, E-RYT500, MFRT, Certified Mindfulness Teacher/Trainer) for this 18 hr signature training that focuses on Body Reading and Alignment. Deepen your practice and the ability to align and bring balance to your and your students bodies.
image of someone making a vision board journal party with the words vision journal party

Vision Journal Party

October 26th 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
One Down Dog Echo Park
Led by
Jessica Rosen
Join us for a Vision Journal-Making party with One Down Dog founder, Jessica Rosen! She'll guide you through a visualization exercise followed by time to create your own vision journal!
graphic image of yoga student being adjusted in yoga class with words: understanding common conditions and pain - 18 hr advanced yoga teacher training

Advanced Training: Understanding Common Conditions & Pain

November 10th 6:00 PM - November 12th 8:00 PM
One Down Dog Silverlake
Led by
Niki Saccareccia
Gain a deeper understanding of how to work with students struggling with common conditions and pain in this 18 hr training led by Niki Saccareccia.
image of yoga teacher with words pranayama, energetic anatomy & meditation yoga teacher training

Advanced Training: Pranayama, Energetic Anatomy & Meditation

January 5th 6:00 PM - January 7th 8:00 PM
One Down Dog Silverlake
Led by
Brianna Welke-Turpin
Learn more about the layers of the body and how energy moves naturally and purposefully through your being with Brianna Welke-Turpin, eRYT-500
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“They just give off some great, kind vibes, nothing sales-y or pushy. I am also kind of obsessed with the community – no clique-y vibes, just warmth and realness. Hit up their socials to catch the vibe (also love that they have an app!) There is a sense of respect that’s truly unique and makes me shed my inhibitions everytime I enter those doors. No body/skill insecurity, or any sense that I don’t fit it, even if I’m just getting my yoga legs back. I like a lot of men and women I’ve seen come here solo, but genuinely feel at home with the students.

Too often I’ve come across a studio that is either too old-school/traditional or too new-school/fusion for my liking. ODD is right in the middle. Took me just a week to fall fully in love.”

– Jen E.
“Love this place. Great vibe – welcoming and unpretentious. Instructors are passionate about what they do. Studios are beautiful – airy and bright. Just wish I could get here more often.”
– Sarah W.
“This is hands down the best yoga studio I’ve ever had the pleasure of frequenting. I’ve been a monthly member since 2017, and the variety of classes, teachers, workshops, and events ODD hosts is plentiful – there really is something for everyone, whether you’re a Day 1 student or have been practicing for years. But most importantly, you feel like you’re part of a family when you take a class… I cannot say enough good things about the culture of this institution and how strong I’ve become, mentally and physically.”
– Gooses G.

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