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Day 26 – grateful

Nov 17th, 2012 jessica Uncategorized

Today was a busy day.  Started it off with a yoga class led by the lovely Denise Woods, followed by an awesome meeting to discuss Grow Your Soul plans for our upcoming yoga and paddle boarding retreat coming to Lake Arrowhead in 2013 – stay tuned!  After excellent brain storming and goal setting, leaving me feeling inspired and excited, I headed off to get a pedicure before picking up the dapper Patrick Bateman from the groomers.  Headed home in the rain, and then it was off to a spin class that kicked my ass (literally) at Cycle House LA to support the LA chapter of I Am That Girl.  More inspiration.  From there it was a rush to get home and get cute before heading off to dinner - the first of many birthday celebrations.

Because I will be in the mitten on my actual birthday (get ready Detroit!), my hubby planned an LA gathering for me (so sweet :) ).  It was wonderful – great times with great friends and tons of excellent food courtesy of Sage Vegan Bistro in Echo Park.  I LOVE that place – it is the absolute BEST!  While we were there I had one of those – “wow, this is my life and I love it!” moments.  Surrounded by awesome people, having great conversation, reminiscing on old times – it felt …good.

This world can seem really big and really lonely and really pointless sometimes.  I remember moving to LA and feeling like a tiny fish in a huge ocean of wackiness. Now – 4 years later, I go out and run into people I know, have an awesome circle of friends and have created a life for myself here.  Holy shit – I have a life here.  Weird.  And it’s not by accident.

I had to work my butt off to get to this place and I’m glad I did. Tonight as I sit here after a super packed day, I feel grateful.  With Thanksgiving right around the corner I decided what better time to write about 30 things I’m grateful for?  And so, in no particular order... here they are:

  1. family
  2. being able to spend time with my grandpa this summer
  3. husband – I’m married to my high school sweetheart. What could be better?
  4. Patrick Bateman – the sweetest little man in the world
  5. friends – see the post here
  6. love/connection – makes each day worth living
  7. to live in LA – warm weather, hiking, ocean
  8. to call MI home. I <3 the D
  9. pedicures and all forms of pampering
  10. camp WEAAFU – wakeboarding and eating Achatz 4 berry pie on the deck
  11. travel
  12. music – the soundtrack to my life.  grateful to hear a song and be taken back to that time.
  13. car - mobility
  14. yoga and everything it’s taught me about myself and the world
  15. being able to do what I love – help others and support myself doing it
  16. our cute little bungalow that is slowly turning into a home
  17. the journey we have been on since coming to LA – made us both strong as individuals and as a couple
  18.  mountains
  19. bed - clean sheets, comfy pillow
  20. YS – for teaching me a lot of lessons
  21. adventure – rock climbing, camp, kayaking, surfing, sky diving, snowboarding etc.
  22. the courage to start this blog
  23. integrity
  24. Yoga Blend – community, kindness and knowledge
  25. the bad girl days - learned so much about myself through that process
  26. to have so many inspiring people in my life
  27. my students – they are my greatest teacher
  28. the support of my family, friends and the universe in making my dreams become a reality – living a passion-filled life… One Down Dog at a time
  29. having the strength, support and dedication to keep pushing through the tough stuff
  30. 30 years of life and many more to come – bring it on :)


what are you grateful for? Share at last one thing in the comments below:

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