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Artist of the Month – March 2013 – Alex Clare

Mar 3rd, 2013 jessica Uncategorized


ARTIST: Alex Clare

ALBUM:  Lateness of the Hour (2011)
The Lateness of the Hour (Deluxe Edition) - Alex Clare

TOP 3 SONGS:  Tight Rope, Treading Water, I Love You

GENRE: Alt rock, drum n bass, dubstep, soul, electronic - you name it, this albums got it!

WHERE YOU'VE HEARD HIM:  Remember that Internet Explorer 9 commercial?  It featured Alex Clare's first hit:  Too Close

WHY WE LOVE HIM:  Dude can sing and his tunes get us moving.  We love a good booty shake and with songs like Up All Night, Too Close, Treading Water and Tight Rope, Lateness of the Hour provides just that and SO much more!   While we dug his tunes at first listen, it wasn't until we snagged the entire album that we fell in love with Alex Clare.  His sound is eclectic and we love that he mashes up several styles into one amazing sound.

ODD FUN FACT:  Alex is a practicing orthodox Jew that keeps Kosher on the road and just like Walt in Big Lebowski, Alex doesn't roll on Shomer Shabbos - how cool is that?  We love that type of dedication.



Alex Clare is playing the House of Blues San Diego on Wednesday April 17th and we're GIVING AWAY TICKETS!!


First - show up to class and buy a package
(if you're already in one, you're ahead of the game!)
Second - enter yourself for a chance to win at the front desk!
Third - bring your friends to class - each new student counts as 1 point
The person with the most points in the month of March wins the tickets!

Get bonus points by:
liking our page on facebook (1)
following us on instagram(1)/twitter(1)
sharing our posts (.5)

Let's make this month a blast! 
Points will be calculated on April 1st and the winner will be announced on Friday April, 5th!

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