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Interview: Nourish Your Soul with Sophie Jaffe of Philosophie Superfoods

Apr 1st, 2015 oddfam Blog

Nourish Your Soul with Neshama Project and Philosophie Foods | One Down Dog Silverlake Yoga Studio Workshop In addition to kick-ass, fun and playful yoga classes, we love bringing in members of our community to teach workshops that will further our practice and enrich our lives. We're so excited about our upcoming Nourish Your Soul Workshop at our studio in Silverlakeon April 19th! A master sweaty and soulful detox class led by Rachelle Tratt of The Neshama Project, followed by discussion on how to create and dive deeper into a soulful, purposeful and meaningful life. Then an introduction to nourishing your body with a healthy, balanced and superfood enriched diet led by nutritionist Sophie Jaffe of Philosophie. We had the pleasure of interviewing Sophie about her company and how she got started. Sign up for the workshop here and read on to learn more!

Sophie Jaffe

Philosophie Superfoods sophie affe Philosophie Superfoods What motivated you to become a nutritionist? I was working in a juice bar for several years for "fun" and absolutely fell in love with raw foods & helping others live a cleaner and healthier life. I was guiding and creating the group cleanses at the juice bar, helping celebrities privately, making nutrition plans for friends and then one thing led to another. It was inevitable that it would become my life's purpose. How did you come up with the idea for Philosophie? I created my superfood smoothie powders after I got tired of blending 8-12 different superfoods into smoothies for clients and myself. It took too much time and was frustrating to have to keep buying ingredients separately when really, the only time I used them was in these smoothies. I noticed that I was using the SAME superfoods for the SAME smoothies over and over again. Some flavors just worked better together. And thus: the blends were created. I found a few incredible companies to source the powders, ones that had similar values and concerns about the quality and ethics of the product they were putting out there. The superfoods blends completely fair-trade, organic, and made with the best materials on earth. What has been the most rewarding part of running your own business? Ahhhh there are SO many aspects that are rewarding! I would say mostly hearing feedback from my beautiful customers. From children and adults who have been battling cancer & loving the superfoods, to parents who are feeding it to their kids and for the first time ever giving them nutrients other than "kid food", to athletes who hit new goals fueling with the superfoods, etc etc the list goes on and on. What’s your number one tip for those of us who want to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle? Be gentle with your self. Treat yourself with the most amount of love as you can possible express. Pay attention to the way you talk to yourself. The more loving you are, the more balanced and healthy you will automatically become with less and less effort. What are you favorite recipes to make with Philosophie superfoods? Honestly, I have a serious sweet tooth so my favorite foods with Philosophie Superfoods are raw chocolates, superfood Raw pies, raw brownies, raw banana ice cream. The superfoods fill me up nutritionally so I don't need as much as I would if it were a "normal" dessert. How did you and Rachelle meet and what is the main purpose behind the Nourish Your Soul Workshops? How does Philosophie tie into yoga? Rachelle and I met at an event that she was teaching yoga and I was teaching a raw foods workshop! So funny, but it's true! Now that's what we DO!! Wow, thanks for flashing me back. Full circle!

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