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6 Ways To Stay Healthy at Work

Jul 20th, 2015 oddfam Uncategorized

On Sunday, July 26 I’ll be leading the Yoga for Office Bound Yogis workshop at the Eagle Rock studio. In preparation for the workshop, I started thinking about all the time we spend at work and how it can be detrimental to our health. An average person will spend about one-third of their lifetime at work. Yes, one-third! You already stay healthy by coming to class, but it’s important to stay healthy at work too!

yoga at work -Ergonomic

Set up an ergonomic workstation

 If you are going to sit at your desk for 8+ hours a day, it is essential you have a proper set up.

  • Make sure your computer screen is at eye level to prevent neck strain
  • To help with circulation, your feet should be flat on the ground when seated. If your feet don’t touch the floor you can adjust the height of your chair or try an ergonomic foot rest
  • Arms should be at a 90 degree bend to prevent wrist strain and to help maintain proper posture
  • Don’t try and hold your phone between your ear and shoulder - ouch! Use a phone headset and your neck will thank you!
  • You don’t HAVE to sit all day! Try a standing desk or adjustable workstation

yoga at work -snacks

Reach for the smart snacks

Cupcakes, candy, soda and homemade goodies can definitely be tempting! Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself from time to time but if you keep smart snacks nearby you most likely won’t give in to the sugar traps. Stock up on nuts and fresh fruit. Nuts are full of protein to help keep you satisfied between meals while fruit is full of fiber.  Also give fresh veggies with hummus a try or a hard boiled egg with a little salt. Yum! Having the right snacks requires a little planning ahead but this will make the occasional cupcake or piece of candy that much more enjoyable!

Take the stairs

There is a machine at the gym dedicated to this movement but you can do it for free at work! Take the stairs a few times a week. You will burn about 0.17 calories for every step you climb, so you burn roughly a calorie and a half for every 10 upward steps. Not too shabby and it definitely burns more calories than taking the elevator!

yoga at work -Water

Drink MORE water

You probably have a water bottle at your desk, but odds are you aren’t drinking enough. Men should consume 128 ounces (approx.. 8 water bottles) of water daily and women should consume 88 ounces (approx.. 5 water bottles). If you exercise regularly, you should be drinking even more.  I often hear the excuse that plain water is boring, so spice it up! Try infusing your water, seems complicated but trust me, it will only take a couple minutes and your taste buds will be impressed! Companies like Clean Bottle make bottles with infusers too!

Some infused water ideas:

  • Fresh basil leaves, sliced strawberries and cucumber slices - Ooh la la!
  • Cucumber slices - Just like the spa!
  • Orange slices - Fun and fruity!
  • Sliced strawberries with fresh mint - Funky combo, fantastic taste!
  • Lemon wedges - Classic!
  • Orange slices with fresh blueberries - How refreshing!
  • Thinly sliced apple with a cinnamon stick - Move over, pumpkin spice! This is perfect for autumn!

Pack your lunch

Are you guilty of going out to lunch everyday? Not only can you save money by packing your lunch, but you can save calories, too! If you are spending $10 a day on lunch, that is $50 a week and can be over $2000 a year! I like to pack my lunch at night before I go to bed, that way I’m not stressed in the morning. Don’t get me wrong, I love to go out too but I also love to make a kick-ass salad and it is way better than any of the local lunch spots anyway!

Stretch it out

It’s not natural for your body to sit at a desk and type endlessly. Make sure you stretch throughout the workday. Try these stretches to help prevent pain and discomfort:


yoga at work workshop at One Down Dog

Join us for Yoga for Office Bound Yogis on July 26, 2-3:15 PM 

Join Hallie in a workshop designed for office bound yogis! We will flow and target the neck, shoulders, wrists and other problem areas, then practice stretches and relaxation techniques you can incorporate into your work day.

$25 advance, $35 at the door



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