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2020 Reflections

Dec 23rd, 2020 Abbigail Community

We have LOVED reading your reflection responses from last week's newsletter. Take some time to read about growth, moments of pride, and advice to our past (and future) selves.

How have you changed in 2020?

"With so little within our control, I've been working on choosing the things, experience and people that truly bring me growth and joy."

"I have become more still, more calm, and more at peace with the unknown"

"I'm finally doing the shadow work I've been avoiding for years"

"I have slowed down, reassessed my priorities, "grown up," (and not to toot my own horn but) placed the welfare of the common good above my own preferences or ambitions, lost weight, stopped drinking so much, learned some really hard lessons."

"I am on screens, way too much more than I would like and I am so much more mindful, present, aware, able to go play outside and connect with family (they never leave), I ritualized my practices and my self care has allowed me to heal chronic conditions. I am embodying myself and vibing and a much brighter frequency. Feeling brave and strong. Also, grateful, compassionate, patient, grounded and ready to incorporate and hold space for pain with resilience and light. Kindness and compassion. Equanimity..."

"I have become more open to the fact that you can meet an outcome many different ways. It's not always about how you got there, but that you did in fact get there."

"I've refocused my energy and have less urgent need for so much doing."

"more brave and self sufficient"

"resilient, self-sufficient, withdrawn"

"I've become more resilient and adaptable."

"I have far more anxiety than I ever have before."

"Well, i've gained 10 lbs but also more perspective - it's called balance :P"

"I have learned more about the boundaries between myself and the people in my life."

"In 2020, I've been forced to look inwardly more than ever before. I've become a better friend, sister, and daughter by learning how to put myself and my mental health first, and think mindfully about the world around me."

"I’ve been forced to slow down. Have been trying to learn that lesson for 47 years, and finally the pleasures of slow revealed themselves to me in 2020"

"I’d like to think I’ve made my mental and physical health a priority due to necessity. More so than I have in a long time!"

"I've learned patience and the power of nature!"

"My priorities have shifted and I've made major life changes such as moving to a new state and adjusting my career goals"

"I've grown to be more patient and have learned so much about myself and others."

"Learned to find a better balance in my life."

"I've been forced to slow down."

"I experience time differently.. I am more patient and more focused on the present. I cannot plan what’s next the way I used to, and it’s OK."

"I am much stronger than I was in 2019 (personally AND professionally)"

"For the first time in my life I have not defined myself by work."

"More resilient and emotional for sure thanks to living with a pandemic, a crazy election and civil strife. Quite the year. Yoga wise  my practice is stronger in some ways as I have stuck with it and worked at it. I feel good, lost weight and feel lucky to be healthy and employed"

"Priority shift; prioritizing family and security"

"Good lord, how haven’t I changed? More consistently pursuing activities that light my soul up, I’m braver and take more risks, and I don’t doubt my own abilities as much as I used to."

What are you most proud of this year?

"My resilience and my new nephew! :)"

"I am too humbled by my blessings to feel proud; I am grateful. This year, I feel most grateful that I’ve finally learned how vital it is to be grateful."


"My resilience"

"ritualizing practice in a pandemic with a family while fried on zoom, teaching teens, raising two teens and a tot. Proud of that. They're alive and happy!"

"My ability to get out of bed when life felt really heavy."

"becoming a Mom"

"stopped putting off a creative/professional project, finally going for it!"

"not losing it, consistent (some of them good) habits, making art"

"Learning how to roll with the punches and overcome my anxiety."

"Staying grounded through it all"

"Voting for Biden/ Harris"

"Working on my relationship with my parents .. and unexpected levels of personal and professional growth."

"I'm proud of the resilience of my community. I see how we've all come together to support one and other and continued to stay stronger even when times feel dark, remembering there will be a light."

"That I’m still not the worst possible mom. I felt like I was headed there…"

"Making it out alive from the biggest devastations I’ve ever experienced"

"Solidifying a dream of mine."

"I'm proud that instead of getting stuck behind all the blockades this year threw at us and waiting it out, I forged a new path and found fresh momentum in a parallel direction"

"I'm most proud of making it through! It's definitely been the toughest one so far, but I never gave up hope that things will get better. There's still a long way to go, but we're going to get there eventually!"

"Lost 23.4 lbs"

"Starting a true journey toward self-acceptance."

"My ability to let go when I needed to, and find joy, usually with my son. I was able to give him the emotionally stable environment he needed to thrive… this was a struggle at times, but it was my most important job."
"Signing with a new agency!"

"Keeping up with activism and unlearning. Participating regularly in my union’s diversity committee, making a point to support Native artists, and diversifying the media I consume."

"1) Finally finishing a long-term artistic project 2) Met an athletic goal "

"Falling in love & selling a movie"

Who made the biggest impact in your life this year? Why?

"Everyone, it was the toughest for me but I was surrounded by so much concern, kindness and love."

"My acupuncturist! I have been having so many physical ailments (some preventing me from practicing yoga) and he’s made it me feel so so much better!"

"It's a toss up between my therapist and Ryan Heffington"

"My partner. Reminding me to be patient, to work hard, to prioritize health, to make choices to benefit our neighbors and loved ones."

"My partner, kids/stepkids, BFF Zulma, Nellie, our pod, Nat, Nadia,Ron Finley, Naja, mom, dad and all the aunties!"

"My best friend. Because she had a baby :-)"

"My husband. He made this year more than just bearable, he helped me find joy and meaning in the chaos and sadness."

"Starting my day with yoga was extremely impactful in helping heal my anxiety disorder."

"My parents."

"Matt - because he's my pandemic partner"

"The person who made the biggest impact on me this year was myself. I spent a lot of time with me, myself, and I and was forced to reconnect with my mind and body in new and old ways. I've been challenged by past traumas, future anxieties, and continued to persevere. I now write in a journal, something I never took the time to before this year and I meditate every day."

"My dad and my son. Both challenge me in uncomfortable ways and force me to deeper introspection"

"My therapist because she's a freaking angel"

"My best friend who gave birth to a dangerously premature baby on March 12 has had absolutely everything go wrong this year, yet she has stayed optimistic and has been a champion mother. I've been so inspired by her resilience, strength, and the fact that she still has love to spread to all those around her"

"My cat! I adopted my kitty just before the pandemic and she has taught me so much about self care and love. There truly was nothing better this year than ladies nights at home with my cat."


"Me! True change can only come from inside yourself."

"My showrunner. For giving me a job during a pandemic."

"Ed Edmo and his short story After Celilo."

"Not one person but close friends who have helped me get through this year. Special shout out to Natalie on the ODD team for all her help and support"

"My dog. Helps to see the world through his eyes 🐾"

"My love, who has perfectly complemented my growth and supports me"

What advice would you give your 2020 self?

"It's going to suck but you know you're a fighter and always make it through tough times."


"Get used to disappointment, and make peace with yourself because you're going to be spending a lot of time together."

"Turn off your phone and move your body."

"be resilient and learn tech even if you hate it. Support others with your light and give back as much as you can! You will receive it back in LOVE! Be who you want and you will do exactly what you want!"

"You will have so many memories from this year. Some will be better than others, but one of those memories will not be whether or not you gained weight. Eat what you need to eat, girl."

"Don't forget to fill your cup to be able to continue to give"

"allow rest and self compassion"

"stock up on books and do something cool with your hair, get a puppy"

"Get comfortable with uncertainty, and always take time for yourself. You will find joy in the little things."

"Don't leave your job for a new job."

"Root yourself in the present moment"

"Remember: every moment is transitory. Don't dwell too hard on things."

"The advice I would give my 2020 self is that it's ok to not always be ok and to appreciate the moments of stillness. That despite how challenging this past year has been, you're getting an amazing chance to really slow down and reflect, and just breathe through it and embrace whatever comes."

"Ease up on yourself, but keep investigating!"

"Breathe and breathe and breathe and your skin looks fine don't pick at it"

"This year is going to be full of surprises and on the surface they might seem like unpleasant surprises, but with a different perspective you can change the outcome and make this one of the best years of your life!"

"Stick to all those hobbies you picked up for 1 month each 😂"

"You can do this. You will get thru this!!!"

"Give yourself grace and time to reflect."

"Recognize what you can control (or just ever so slightly improve) and let go of what you cannot."

"Take a minute to enjoy your accomplishments as opposed to instantly asking "What can I do next?"

"Bring all you are learning forward."

"Adjust and recalibrate based on the day"

"Live life with integrity and take the high road - you will get there."

"No rush :)"

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