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ODD Community Impact May & June

Jun 3rd, 2021 caitlin Community, Impact, Practice

We regularly offer community actions around Los Angeles and reflect on what work we did in the month past. In yoga, this cycle of action and reflection is called Kriya Yoga - the third step is surrender. We do the work and stay out of the results. This is the yoga of action and change. We return to tapas, svadhyaya, and ishvara pranidhana again and again - the heat of action, the will to change, the self study, and witness to the work we've done - whether it's time to return to work in the same way, a new way, or find the serenity to accept the things we cannot change. (sound familiar?)

Find A Friend!

Need somebody to volunteer with? Join our One Down Dog community Facebook Group and share which activities you'd like to have a friend to go with!


Tie Dye and Pride 🌈 (Rainbow Hike in July)

WHEN: June 12th, 2021 1-5pm (Reserve your time slot)

WHERE: One Down Dog Echo Park

PROCEEDS: 10% of proceeds will be donated to an LGBTQ+ org, TBA

One Down Dog's BUY AND DYE tie-dye event for PRIDE hosted by Megan. 10% will be donated to an LGBTQ+ org, to be announced. Come grab a white One Down Dog shirt or bring your own to make your rainbow dreams come true. Small groups, masked, and outside. We'll meet back up later in July for a PRIDE hike led by Dylan and a donation yoga class outside to raise money for LGBTQ+ org of the teacher's choosing. All proceeds donated for the community hike and class. Sign up and stay tuned for that colorful hiking date fundraiser in July! (Pride goes all summer!)


LGBTQIA+🏳️‍🌈 Affinity Class with Joana

WHEN: June 15th, 2021 @ 7:30pm (Pacific Time)

WHERE: Online with One Down Dog

PROCEEDS: $5 donations go to LGBTQIA+ org, TBA

This is an online donation FLOW class exclusively for the LGBTQIA+ community. We respectfully ask allies to sit out! No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Donations will be given to an org of the teacher's choosing, to be announced soon.




This fundraiser was a BUTT class with Nikita, a corporate client matched their class rate, and a $500 match from ODD! We raised $1175 for Project Mumbai - A local organization helping to fight COVID in India.

Body Neutrality Class with Bobbi

Toxic positivity has got to go. How about a little neutrality in order to appreciate our bodies for what they offer. This affinity class was open to those who wanted to explore a little more gratitude for what their bodies do rather than what they look like.

This donation affinity class raised $35 for About Face - Programs that helps teen girls and youth learn how social media and other media affect them… and what they can do about it!

Honoring Mother's Day with Hallie

It's not always a wonderful holiday. For some of us - we still haven't seen our parents in a long time. For other's it was a family reunion. However Mother's Day showed up for you - Hallie held space.

Check back at the start of each month to see what is planned and what we have achieved with your help!

Want a recap of 2020's fundraising efforts? - Check it out HERE >>

Stay tuned later this month for a full recap and report card of what you've achieved so far in 2021. Soon you'll be able to source these regular social justice actions on our website so you can always keep active and keep in touch.

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