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Los Angeles Social Justice and Volunteer Opportunities 2021

Jun 4th, 2021 oddfam Community, Impact

Find A Friend!

Need somebody to volunteer with? Join our One Down Dog community Facebook Group and share which activities you'd like to have a friend to go with!


Volunteer With Pride - all month long!

It's always fun to go volunteer with your community. Check out LA PRIDE'S calendar of group volunteer activities HERE

African American Fire Fighter Museum

June 8 & June 17, 2021 10am - 1pm

Make and drop off hygiene kits! Minimum amount of care kits you'll make is 10. Claim your spot HERE

Koreatown Coalition Homelessness Count 

June 10, 2021 7pm - 10pm

An entirely volunteer team to count our neighbors experiencing homelessness in K town. You will need to attend a one hour training on ZOOM prior to the count. Find your time for the training and sign up HERE

Tie Dye and Pride (Rainbow Hike in July)

June 12, 2021 1-5pm @ One Down Dog Echo Park

One Down Dog's BUY AND DYE tie dye event for PRIDE. Come grab a white One Down Dog shirt or bring your own to make your rainbow dreams come true. Small groups, masked, and outside. We'll meet back up later in July for a PRIDE hike in Griffith and a donation yoga class on the hill to raise money for LGBTQ+ org of the teacher's choosing. 10% will be donated to an LGBTQ+ org, to be announced. Sign up here and stay tuned for that colorful hiking date fundraiser in July! (Pride goes all summer!)

Yoga For The LGBTQIA+ Community -

Tuesday the 15th @ 7:30pm PT

A yoga class led by the LGBTQIA+ Community for the LGBTQIA+ Community. This is a $5 donation class on ZOOM with Joana Allis, one of the many LGBTQIA+ teachers at One Down Dog. We respectfully ask allies to sit this one out. There are tie dye events and hikes open to everyone. All proceeds will be donated to an org of the teacher's choosing. Cant afford the class? Email and we will get you in. Sign up HERE for the class in the online schedule.

NELA Food and Baby Supplies Drive

June 19th, 2021

Food Drive plus clothes and goods for babies especially diapers! If you cant drop it off on the 19th you can drop it off earlier - find details HERE.

PRIDE Sober Party & Fundraiser

June 26, 2021 11am - 3pm

The AT Center is putting on a pride party for the LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈 sober community. Dancing, burgers, good time. Proceeds go to the AT Center putting on free fitness and health classes for the LGBTQ+ community. Sign up HERE - no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

The Chai Mommas

Google Doc of ways to help with COVID crisis in India. Click HERE

LA River Clean Up June & July

Near all of our studios - they have lots of opportunities to show up and clean up! Check it out HERE


Regular volunteer opportunities throughout the week, each week, helping our unhoused neighbors with a range of things like food, showers, clothes, and even helping them get stimulus checks! Limited spots - sign up HERE

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