The Patience of Savasana: What I learned in my first month of #freeyearofyoga

Leila Margolis

The Patience of Savasana

(shah-VAHS-anna) : Corpse pose You know when you are settling into your savasana? Sweat dripping everywhere, your body slowly relaxing ? Perhaps you have been on your back for a little bit already, maybe you have just released your feet from happy baby… maybe you just attempted to hold your half lotus #bigbooty self up for 10 breaths by your poor ill-equipped triceps and biceps like I did this Monday night in LED with Ellina.

In any event, I settled my back onto my mat trying to work out body kinks and let my palms rest towards the sky.

No altered breathing. ……Just me in corpse pose…. return to the earth “Crap I need to pick up trash bags on the way home…”

No, no, mind we are supposed to be in savasana, meditating, focusing on our breathing right? “Right sorry I should know better” Crap stop making judgments I say to myself internally.

How long is savasana anyways? Sometimes I feel blissed out for the whole 10 minuets and arise feeling newly centered with more appreciation for my intertwined body and soul. Sometimes I wonder if the teacher has forgot all about the pose and me, and I am just lying in a dimly light room all alone.

It seems easy to make the judgment. Well obviously if I cant’ be comfortable both mentally and physically in savasana I am not doing it right.

But you know what??

Sometimes savasana is freaking hard because I am all by myself with nothing else to freaking distract me, and the shit can be scary. No filter, no teacher no friends next to me in class, just me, and my mind.

Yoga isn’t just for your body; we all know that, it is as much to strengthen your soul as it is to strengthen your chaturanga arms.

Sometimes we need to go towards the scary unpredictability of our minds, instead of running away from it.

ONE DOWN DOG has taught me over and over again that this type of growth is what yoga is all about. Every ODD class allows me to explore my mind and body in a new way.

What uncertainty will you lean into on your mat this month?