ODD Holiday Shop Guide


The holidays are in full swing. Many of us are thoroughly stressed about getting the PERFECT gifts for our loved ones. The good news is, your devoted yoga studio has you covered with everything from cute and comfy clothing to inspirational mugs and candles. Take a look at all the amazing products produced by awesome brans that you can find in our studios. #shoplocal

Got a friend who’s looking to get the new year started off on the right foot? … Or maybe you are that friend? You can’t go wrong with Own Your Awesome affirmation cards, intention-setting candles from The Inner Oracle or inspiration mantra cards from Your Joyologist. You can always play it safe and go with some gorgeous jewelry from Hanna LA, Amano, and/or Sugarbean. Can’t really go wrong!

Stark is a small, female-owned business based in Silverlake. Their bundles of sage and palo santo are a great way to cleanse your home of old energy and make space for awesomeness in the new year. Also, their candles and incense are A DREAM. Take a sniff before your next class and you’re sure to be enticed. For a more all-inclusive ritual cleansing package, be sure to check out Moon and Jai’s magic in a box, ritual kits.  Everything in the box has been consciously selected & all crystals are cleansed before making it into the kit.

Does your yoga buddy need a little recovery after all those SWEAT classes? Cuccio Somatology has the perfect thing! Gift your fellow yoga/fitness-lover a milk bath or some muscle balm to help them get the kinks out and feel like the royalty that they surely are. Grippy towels from Manduka also make a great practical option for the slippery yogis in your life. Beyond Yoga is a female-owned, size-inclusive brand based in the U.S. Their leggings are A MUST for anyone who wants to move through the world with ease. The spacedye line is seriously amazing. Gift someone a pair of these are you’re sure to win the title of best holiday gift-giver. And for the unpredicatable yogi, an ODD gift card gets the job done. 😉

Meow Meow Treat is the brand promoting natural, vegan deodorant, bar soaps, and skin care. Their products are highly recommended for the ingredients-conscious friend or family member who enjoys a little bit of pampering in their everyday beauty ritual. Knotty hair ties are the ultimate stocking stuff. Practical, yet fun. Simply Earth is a family-owned brand that produces high quality, ethically sourced essential oils. This company is dedicated to make a positive impact on the world and gives 13% of their profits to stop human trafficking.



Buying clothes for others can be challenging but a shirt from The Bee and the Fox is a pretty safe way to go. This brand was started by a couple right in here in Southern California. They’re behind the really cute tees with phrases like “Mama Bird” / “Baby Bird” & “Grow with the Flow” that you’ve seen in all three of our studio locations. Grab a set of yoga Tune Up Balls or a Banasaurus Rex eye pillow (made by the sister of our renowned General Manager, Liza) for that person in your life that loves a good self-massage or luxurious savasana. As our retail manager, Sofie says, these gifts are great “for literally everyone.”