#ODDlight Featured Student: Hector De Haro!

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Hector walks in January 2019 and by March 2019 he was winning yoga challenges and earning a spot in our annual Make Awesome Happen course… and the rest is history! Hector has been showing up for himself and this community with dedication and fire from day one. He tries new classes, was the first On Demand sign up, has been in every single one of our MAH groups, and hosted a sweet game night. Hector exemplifies the community we strive for.

Meet ODD regular, Hector!


“I first came to ODD in the beginning of 2019 after not having done yoga (or really being active in any way) for years. I felt creaky and tight and overall uncomfortable in my body at that point, but was also nervous about making a change and trying to get back into yoga. Particularly because of how judgy other studios can be. That was not the case at all at ODD–I felt immediately comfortable at ODD and within a couple months I had stopped buying classes at the other studios I was exploring and went all in with ODD. Incredibly glad I did.”


“ODD has been one of the constants that really helped me make it through the past year. Their transition to starting online classes was insanely quick and I’m so impressed with how they have pulled it off. The classes and workshops I’ve done online helped bring back a little bit of my routine which fell apart when the lockdown began, and have helped center me many many times over the past year when things have felt particularly difficult to overcome.”


“I do not think I have taken a single class or have had a single teacher who I disliked. The ones that come immediately to mind as the ones I gravitate towards most are Yin with Audrey, Chill with Natalie, Chill and Restore with Caitlin, Chill with Katherine, and all of the recent classes with Courtney where she’s talked about and addressed the events of the past year head on. The other piece that I credit with helping to keep me sane are the monthly workshops that started with Make This Suck Less. Having a small community to get together with every week and hearing about how other people are struggling as much as I am made everything a little more manageable.”