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#ODDLight Teacher Feature: Brittany Kovler

Jul 30th, 2015 oddfam Uncategorized

oddlight teacher feature brittany kovler

Each month we will be bringing a teacher into the #ODDlight and illuminating their interests, practices, and who they are. There is a real person behind those teachers and it’s their knowledge filtered through their own experiences that make them that person that pulls you into class. This month, we are featuring Brittany Kovler, our very own hooping goddess!

Brittany Nicole Kolver

Nick Name:
My parents call me Itty Bitty Britty.

Boca Raton, FL, A.K.A. God’s Waiting Room ;) Ya know, where Jerry Seinfield’s parents live?

Favorite Place:
REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.), I can’t leave that place without spending a butt load of money. Also, favorite place... somewhere out in nature preferably with waterfalls and mountains and wildlife and good friends there to experience it all with me. Also... Trader Joe’s... I love grocery shopping :)

brittany kovler one down dog

Favorite color:
Purple or Neon Pink

What’s your sign?
Aries. Fire, baby!

Most embarrassing moment?
Can’t remember... I’ve probably done lots of embarrassing things.. but I block them out! Or I don’t care that it’s embarrassing!

Most empowering moment?
When I enter an advanced pose that I’ve been working toward for a long time and finally that one day everything clicks. All my hard work has paid off and I feel empowered when I finally land the full expression of that pose I worked for. However, I know that a pose is never conquered. There’s always more to work on!

brittany kovler one down dog

Fun Fact most wouldn’t know about you?
I’m a trained classical singer.

Fun Fact most wouldn’t know about you?
I danced competitively for many years.

Fun Fact most wouldn’t know about you?
I was a punk rocker chick in high school ;) I still am in my heart<3

Share a story or anecdote with us – something magical, changing, funny, or adventurous.
The first time I went to Burning Man I went alone on a whim. I was going through a lot of weird stuff in my life and I needed an adventure to wake and shake me up. I needed to go find myself because I had totally lost myself in LA. I had no clue who I was anymore. Confused, sad, lonely, and just beaten down; I hopped in a car with a stranger headed towards the dusty desert with not much food or supplies. Scary shit. But someone had to do it. Burning Man changed my life. That first year was tough. I cried a lot and reconnected with myself. I met a lot of great people that opened my eyes to new things and ways of life. I decided to change my career path because of this wild temporary city in the dust in the middle of BFE. I decided that there were so many things that I wanted to change about myself and I knew it would be a long journey, but I was happy that I realized I needed to change. Four years later, I’m still changing, growing and learning and going back to Burning Man for my senior year... my fourth year! Each Burn since has been better and more fun and filled with beautiful friends. Each year so far has had a different personal “theme” and I don’t know what that “theme” is until the Burn is over. I just set my intentions at the beginning of the week and then stay open and receptive and figure it all out when I get home. The man burns in 39 days!

brittany kovler one down dog

Something that you love to tell.
There is no coincidences. Synchronicity happens for a reason and there’s absolutely a meaning behind it. It may be subtle, but it’s there.

When you aren't at the studio, where can you be found?
Probably romping around in nature somewhere.... usually camping somewhere nature­-y and magical.

How do you define yoga?
If I were to go by the book, yoga means; to yoke or the union of mind and body, the union of the sun and the moon. If I were to pull a meaning out of my own heart, yoga means; conscious awareness of mind and body, while we connect them together with moving and breathing in an intentional way ­­this is where the magic happens, when your eyes, ears, and heart are open.

Why do you teach?
There’s so many reasons why I teach yoga! I teach yoga because it makes my day better when I make someone else’s day better. I love to connect with people and experience human sensations together and be silly and make shapes with our bodies! I love to guide people through journeys on their mat and help them learn new things about themselves. I love to share the art of yoga with all different kinds of people and the best part about teaching yoga is that I get paid to do one of my favorite! Also, I cannot work a 9-­5 desk job. I tried it once, but I just can’t sit still!


What brought you to become an instructor?
It’s a pretty cliche LA story. I came out here to go to college for acting and music at USC.... Fight On! I was an actress in LA for a few years and decided it was not for me. I had been practicing yoga off and on since high school. I started practicing more when I moved to LA permanently because what else does an unemployed actress do in LA when they are aren’t in da clubs? (see above question “Share a story or anecdote with us...” and insert it here...) I was going through some life shit and had to decide on a career change. So, I did teacher training at the yoga studio I was attending just to pass the time while I figured out what it was I wanted to do as a career. I really had no intention on teaching, I just wanted to deepen my practice and enrich my yoga experience. However, when I was practicing teaching with my fellow trainees I had so much fun and I was really good at it! I had found my new career path!

brittany kovler one down dog

What is your favorite song to play in class?
This is such a loaded question because music is such an important part of my life. I go to so many music and art festivals and discover new music all the freaking time. I think I have a new favorite artist every week. I would say, this week, one of my favorite songs to play in class would be Dusted Compass by The Human Experience & Phutureprimitive. (and always any song by ODESZA!).


What is your favorite pose or flow? Why?
This question is also tough because it really depends on my mood and what I need that day. However, I always love Vashistasana B because it’s such a strong, beautiful, and regal pose. When I’m up for it, I love Pincha Mayurasana (sometimes scorpion variation).

Memorable yoga moment?
When I taught yoga at Burning Man on Tutu Tuesday! I made everyone do headstand and all their tutus were flipping upside down! So cute!

What is your favorite yogi prop or piece to wear or use?
I love wearing my leopard yoga pants! I always feel so spicy & sexy when I wear em!

What special causes or non-profits do you hold dear to your heart?
My favorite class to teach is this volunteer class at a PATH (People Assisting The Homeless) shelter in Santa Monica. This particular shelter houses homeless male veterans with drug addictions and disabilities. I love connecting with these guys! They always look forward to our classes and I do too! I believe teaching yoga to veterans and active duty military men and women is so important and extremely relevant.

What can we share in promoting you, your business, or your projects?
Follow me at @happylittlegoddess on Instagram. Check out #FlowWithinYourSacredSpace which is the hashtag for my Yoga.Hoop.Dance workshop that is happening on Sunday Aug 9th, 12:30­2:30pm at the Silverlake One Down Dog. My good friend Wild Flower and I will incorporate hoop dancing and yoga! Come out and play with us! We got the hula hoops (bring your own if ya got one) ...Just bring your mat and an open, playful mind!

yoga hoop dance brittany kovler one down dog

Anything else?
Peace in. Peace out!

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