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#ODDLight: Jessica Rosen

Jan 2nd, 2016 oddfam Uncategorized


Each month we will be bringing a teacher into the #ODDlight and illuminating their interests, practices, and who they are. There is a real person behind those teachers and it’s their knowledge filtered through their own experiences that make them that person that pulls you into class.  This month, get to know Jessica Rosen, One Down Dog studio owner and promoter of awesome!

Name: Jessica Rosen

Nickname: Jesi, messy-jesi, boss bitch

Hometown: Metro Detroit!


Favorite place: ONE DOWN DOG!!! 2nd to that: Big Lake, anywhere in nature/by a fire or water

Favorite color: blue (specifically periwinkle - the color of our studios)

Sign: Scorpio

Most embarrassing moment? I get embarrassed a lot, and that alone is very embarrassing. I turn red for no reason sometimes...not fun in professional settings.

jessica rosen one down dog

Most empowering moment? Opening ODD, specifically the day we opened our current Silverlake location. Fun fact: this place was opened with no investors, no bank loan, it started with a small (very very small 7.5k) personal cash investment, a dream and really awesome friends. I don’t have any partners, debt, or people to answer to. I was told for years none of this was possible. The bank turned me down for a loan, accountants and advisors said I would need more capital to make it happen. I didn’t listen because I knew it had to be possible, there was no other way. Before we were in this space, we shared a spot down the street. It was a great way to start off, but wasn’t a representation of One Down Dog’s awesome personality. It took a lot of work and a LOT of risk to get this place open. The day we held our first classes (while the lobby and small studio were still under construction) was one of the greatest days of my life. My lifelong dream had come true and there were people showing up to prove it was all worth it. Since then so many amazing things have happened within these walls - a reminder everyday that ANYTHING is possible. (shameless plug: if you want to hear more about this story and learn how to Make Your OWN Awesome Happen - come to my workshop on January 28th :)

Fun fact most wouldn’t know about you? I used to wear big pants…once had a pair as big around on the bottom as I am tall. Kikwear was my favorite brand.


Fun fact most wouldn’t know about you? I married my high school sweetheart, but I really wouldn’t have called him a sweetheart back then, he’s definitely gotten sweeter with age:)

wedding day-1

Fun fact most wouldn’t know about you? My all time favorite band is KoRn. I had a binder of all things related to the band and did my Freshman year final project on Jonathan Davis (the lead singer). I still have the binder in my closet back home in MI. I saw them live when I was 15 at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

Have a good story or anecdote to share? I never take no for an answer. When I was 14 my parents took my pager away because I didn’t respond to their page within the allotted time I had to respond in (I believe it was 15  minutes). I really didn’t like being without my was 1996 and pagers were super important. So I begged, I cried, I gave a list of why it was important to get it back and then when none of those worked I took an entire pad of sticky notes and wrote I want my pager back on each sheet and put them all over the house. Then I sang “I want my pager back, pager back, pager back” (to the tune of the Chili’s commercial I want my baby back). We all had a good laugh. I had to throw out all the pieces of paper. My parents dug my creativity and persistence, I promised to respond in a more timely manner and the next day I got my pager back. 143.


When you aren’t at the studio, where can you be found? home with my baby boy Max. He consumes my world right now. When I have free time I like to spend it with my little fam either hiking or going to the beach or just hanging out at home watching a movie. You can also find me blasting music and have a good dance party in my living room on a regular basis. I love to listen to music and I love to dance.


How do you define yoga? Yoga is relationship. It is the relationship we have with ourselves and the world around us. Yoga is not a pose or a workout. It’s a work-in. It doesn’t matter how long you can stand on your head, but rather how you relate to what’s going on inside it. It’s about connection, coming together and experiencing more joy.


Why do you teach? Because yoga changed my world, and I love sharing things that help me with others. The look on peoples faces after a hot sweaty hard class makes my life complete! Yoga has brought so much awesome into my world and I want to share that awesome with others. I sometimes like to call myself an awesomeness promoter rather than a yoga teacher. Can that become a thing?

putting the first bit of paint up in SL

what brought you to become an instructor: You want the long or short story? Short story, during my masters program I took Teacher Training. I did it never thinking I would ever teach – thought it would be helpful info to bring to my future career as a therapist. Teacher Training changed my life. There was a class that needed to be filled at the studio I was working at, the owner made me teach it. The rest is history.

What's your favorite song?: I have soo soo soo many. I love all things hip hop/electronic/90s...anything with a killer beat and a good hook I can sing along to. I wanted to make sure to answer this factually so I checked my iTunes (yes I buy every song I the artists yO!) in order of plays: Three Buddhas, Xumantra - singing bowls savasana song 1180 plays, followed by Latch ft Sam Smith by Disclosure 289 plays.


Favorite yoga pose?  Down Dog duh. I love it because it is a transition pose, a pose we often return to between flows to regroup and reconnect. It is both an active and resting pose and to me that represents the duality of life - it’s always an in between.

Memorable yoga moment: Anytime I get to practice next to my hubby.


Favorite yogi piece/prop: I love everything Beyond Yoga – best fits, fabrics and super amazing brand doing wonderful things in our yogi community.

Favorite Non-profits: I hold Detroit dear to my heart so anything that benefits my city I am a huge fan of. I also hold LAMP community in DTLA close to my heart as they are helping to end homelessness and that is a cause I believe in!

Connect with Jessica@OneDownDog, @JessicaFaybythebay#ODDFamily#ODDbaby, #DogsOfODD

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