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“Buh-Bye, Boring”: The Benefits of Circuit Training

Mar 25th, 2022 oddfam Community, Practice

What's all this talk about ODD Morning Club? Let's break it down. It goes without saying, we've all been through A LOT, and we know it's hard to get motivated to move your body. So let's do it together!

We will meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at our Echo Park, Los Angeles studio for circuit classes - a type of training that involves rotating between several exercises that target different muscle groups with minimal rest in between. The ODD Morning Club also includes a specialized class recommendation schedule so you can stay engaged on the days we don't meet bright and early.

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5 Benefits of Circuit Training

1. Circuit training compliments your yoga practice

In a yoga class, we work on breathing, stretching, and strengthening, but there’s one thing yoga doesn’t include: the integral functional movement of pulling! There is plenty of pushing, i.e. you push the mat away with your hands in plank or with your forearms and toes in dolphin, but there isn’t a lot of pulling. Circuit training can help strengthen and balance our bodies by working the muscles that aren't activated in yoga.

2. No class is the same! 

Say, "buh-bye" to boredom! Classes will be interesting and exciting with a variety of exercises and different props like resistance bands, dumbbells, glider discs, and jump ropes. Outside of One Down Dog, Sabrina can be found weightlifting, Victoria is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and Hallie is Pilates trained. We look forward to weaving our specific expertise into each of our classes!

3. Circuit training is efficient & effective 

We will work on cardio and strength in the same class and improve muscular endurance (the body’s ability to sustain exercise over time). Plus each class is a full-body workout! We will work together 2x a week in person, and when we aren't together, attendees will have a calendar with class recommendations and days off for rest and recovery.

4. Get support from your peers! 

We're in this together! We are in person encouraging each other instead of behind a screen. You might even make a friend or two! We're also conveniently surrounded by coffee shops -- perfect for an after-class hang with a new pal!

5. Circuit training can be modified for all levels of fitness 

Just like our group classes at One Down Dog, the circuit classes are all levels. There is a variation for a workout newbie, the gym rat, and everyone in between.

There are plenty more reasons WHY, but remember - we're doing this because we love our bodies, NOT because we hate them. Spots are limited and all attendees receive a goodie bag and exclusive ODD Morning Club mug!

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