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ODDlight Teacher Feature: Stephanie Stock

May 9th, 2024 Karlei Lin #ODDlight, Blog, Community

Whether at the yoga studio, on stage, or on set, Stephanie's mission is to make people laugh, listen, and learn. When she's not crafting stories, you can find her flowing to gospel music on her mat—her little act of somatic rebellion. Feel like rebelling on your own? Join her at the studio for a Flow or Core class where she'll inspire you to embrace every aspect of yourself, from the hard to the silly, and leave you feeling divinely guided and ancestrally protected.


What are your "Big 3?" 

Gemini sun ♊  Taurus moon ♉  Taurus rising ♉

Five words to describe yourself?

Thoughtful, Creative, Resilient, Ambitious, Hype Woman

What's an ODD fact about you?

I wear jewelry only on my left side in class, for those moments when I get Right and Left mixed up.

One thing you're working on in your personal practice right now?

Self- Compassion! I recently had an old injury resurface and it has been a lesson that things come up to heal, and will continue to resurface until the lesson is gathered. It's a humble reminder to have gratitude for every posture my body can confidently approach while also having reverence for the postures that challenge me both physically and mentally.

Where are you when you're not on the mat?

Telling Stories! I'm either on set, on stage, or in a studio trying to understand what it takes to make people laugh, listen and learn. My current passion project is my podcast "Mixed With What?" I have conversations with multiracial folks to discover what it means to be "mixed" in a divided world and together we explore why it matters.

Favorite food or restaurant?

The best meals are the ones made with love. I like when my boyfriend cooks for me :)

Something that inspires you?

The highlight of my IG feed at the moment is the WNBA and the NY Liberty mascot Ellie the Elephant. I love women and I love teams and I'm really inspired by what's happening in the world of women's sports right now and the message that this generation of young girls is receiving about what it means to feel strong, healthy and beautiful.

What initially inspired you to become a yoga instructor?

I'm a storyteller first. I practiced yoga for almost 10 years so i could be the heroine in my own story before realizing that I wanted to change the narrative around what it means to practice and who is invited and included in the practice. I also want to find different ways to bring people together. I think gathering people and building community is an underrated artform.

Where are you inviting play into your practice/day to day?

Flowing to gospel music! I never felt comfortable being moved by music in a church setting even though gospel music is something that touches me deeply. Lately in my own practice I've let go of sequencing and am tapping into the somatic experience. I just want to move! It also feels a like a little act of rebellion to be on my yoga mat and just STOMP.

If your students take home ONE lesson from your class, what do you hope it is?

I hope students walk out of a class with me thinking "I AM CAPABLE of doing it all; the hard, the simple, the soft, the stillness and the silly. It's all valid and it's all me, whatever I choose to be."

What song/album/playlist do you have on repeat right now?

When I just want to wiggle on my mat, I like flowing to the DJ Mixes by ALD (Aime Leon Dore)

But this playlist is one that I move to on my own too. You'll hear these songs somewhere in class.

One affirmation you always come back to?

I am divinely guided and ancestrally protected.

How are you feeling good these days?

These days I feel good because I focus on it. Consistently look towards the light and being consciously grateful for even the smallest of things.


Get to know Stephanie more by finding her on the class schedule!

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