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Kids Yoga – One Down Dog – Yoga for Your Little Ohm-ie

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Starting an early yoga practice with your kid benefits them holistically and gives them the tools they need, within themselves, to thrive in a busy world. Grown-ups have all sorts of priorities and concerns on their plate, and kids do too! Kids live in a world where technology is at their fingertips, knowledge and information… Read more »

#ODDlight Feature, Kids Yoga Teacher – Bianca Cueva

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Each month we bring a teacher into the #ODDlight and illuminate their interests, practices, and who they are. There is a real person behind those people you see in class! Name: Bianca Cueva Nick Name: Binky, Bonky, Binks, Biancs, B. :)) Hometown: The Philippines Favorite Place: The beach. And wherever friends and family are. <3  Favorite color: Blue-Green… Read more »