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#ODDbingo is back, bishes!

Are you down, or are you down?!

Sign up in studio and let’s get down together! Prep your month:



1. Sign up in studio to get your bingo card.
a. Unlimited autopay members: FREE!
b. Not unlimited? grab 30 days of unlimited yoga at a discounted rate of $100
2. Put your name on your card and post it at the studio to track your progress.
3. Squares MUST be marked by an ODD staff member.
4. 1 class/event per square – cannot use the same class/event for more than 1 square.
5. No more than 10 classes per week will be counted.
6. To win GRAND PRIZE: BLACKOUT! All those that complete the full board will get an ODD goodie bag AND be entered into a raffle to win the grand prize: 3 months of unlimited yoga + an extra special ODD prize! (over $500 value).
7. To claim a win you must give your board to front desk staff and post to social media a pic of your board with #ODDbingo #winning and tag us.
8. Cards must be turned in to the desk by April 1st in order to claim prizes. Will contact winners within a week.

7 Day Awesome Instagram Challenge

YOGA CHALLENGE! Are you down?

Starting  Wednesday January 11 you have 7 days! We’ve got your mid month hump day challenge to keep you making awesome happen.

It’s hard to keep that New Years Resolution fire burning so we have a challenge inspired by our coming 6 week #MakeAwesomeHappen workshop to keep YOU inspired! Some of the best yoga we do doesn’t include poses!

Jenn Jordan’s Vison Board



You must tag @OneDownDog in EVERY post. 1 or more of each daily challenges must be posted to your Instagram feed, the rest can be to your story if you want! Tag us!


JANUARY 11th – DO SOMETHING FOR THE FIRST TIME! When was the last time you tried something for the first time? Show us what you tried.

JANUARY 12th – CHANGE THE PERSPECTIVE! Things are AWESOME! Share 5 gratitudes  – a list, 5 photos, a video, any way you share. (tag us)

JANUARY 13th – I AM LOVE – Self-care! The challenge is simple but we still seem to forget to make the time. Show us how you self-care.

JANUARY 14th – RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS. That network is crucial – be somebody’s net today. We’d love to see a portrait, a story, a moment captured, or your representation of how you helped.

JANUARY 15th – YOU CAN DO IT! Write 3 intentions for the day. Make sure they are things you CAN do and stick with. Cross ’em off. Get ’em done. Show us as they happen.

JANUARY 16th – SWEATY SELFIE! Lets see your #ODDselfie, red faced, sweaty back, and totally stunning. Working hard is hot.

JANUARY 17th – I DID THIS! Stop telling yourself that self story “I didn’t get anything done today”. You do a lot, every day. Share!

Our first AWESOME our first location party.


Is this the stuff that makes you feel inspired? Are these the life changing goodies that brought you to yoga?


Jump start your year and make 2017 the best it can be!


Utilizing yoga philosophy, goal setting tools and the law of attraction Jessica and Ellina will assist you in overcoming obstacles, fear and negative self talk so that you can make 2017 the most AWESOME year yet!


  • Goal-setting and goal-crushing: get clear on what fills you up, and how to bring more of that into your life – visualize to realize.
  • Tools to make your wildest dreams come true…and sustain them – manifestation station!
  • A network of cheerleaders and support so you don’t have to do it alone – your vibe attracts your tribe!
January 27th
February 3rd
February 10th
February 17th
February 24th
March 3rd
$185 (payment plans available)
**Dont forget, if you take 21 classes before January 21st you get 21% off this workshop.