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Stay Home Recipes


This year some of us baked bread, started gardens, and others… well, we just learned to feed ourselves regularly. Here are some day to day recipes One Down Dog teachers made all the dang time. Jessica’s Jamwich 2 slices of bread cheese stone ground mustard strawberry jam turkey mild peppers arugula onion Place 2 pieces… Read more »

Alleviate Skid Row x One Down Dog

oddgiving alleviate skid row

ODDgiving was a huge success! Yoga is more than a pose and a physical practice. The connection of community and care is what lifts this practice up off the mat. Acts of service now build your Karma for the future. In collaboration with Alleviate Skid Row, One Down Dog rallied donations and built care kits at… Read more »

Sofie’s 2019 ODD Gift Guide

gift guide yoga los angeles

Hey, it’s Sofie! Your friendly ‘Director of Steez’ at ODD. Over the last year or so I’ve been focusing on stocking great brands that you will feel great about owning and supporting. The majority of the products we stock are women-owned, local, eco-conscious– or awesome combinations of all three! Find all of these great gifts… Read more »


nipple mafia keep a breast tshirts

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we launched a campaign called Nipple Mafia. Beyond Yoga had a conversation about it with One Down Dog CEO, Jessica Rosen.

How to write a Bhāvanā

how to write a Bhāvanā

Bhāvanā translates to “development,” “residence” or “cultivating,” – it is part of the yoga’s understanding of imagination. An emotionally charged visualization of the future. Whether you root for manifestation or good planning or something in between – having a way to stress free plan your dreams is an asset. Bhāvanā is a tool for making… Read more »

Yoga Adventures – A Twist On Yoga Retreats

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A yoga retreat, or what we like to call – a yoga adventure – is an opportunity to connect with all of the limbs of yoga. One Down Dog was created for the community, caring, and conversation that is yoga every damn day. An adventure with like minded new friends, good food, conscious daily practices,… Read more »

The Official ODD Mother’s Day Shopping Guide


It’s that time of year again! Mama’s day is here, which means it’s time to show all the mothers and mother figures in your life just how much you care. If you’re looking for the perfect gift, look no further than your neighborhood yoga studio. If you haven’t already noticed all of the amazing retail… Read more »

ODDLight: Paula Pister


Ciao ODDBalls, For the month of April, the ODD blog is featuring Paula Pister, our resident teacher and yoga health coach. Keep reading to learn more about Paula and then pop on over to our workshops page to sign up for her upcoming workshop, Daily Habits of Yogis. It’s happening on Thursday, April 11 from… Read more »

Jupiter Yantra by Catherine Weiss


What is yantra? यन्त्र​ A yantra is a mediation device, similar to a mantra or a gazing point. Use a yantra to hold yourself to your meditation: stare at the central point (the bindu), and return there every time you drift away Yantra​ comes from root yam + suffix tra Yam means to hold, restrain,… Read more »