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ODDbeats by Mandee Miller

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We pride ourselves on being amazingly well playlisted and so when we asked Mandee to make her ODDbeats playlist it was no surprise that this firecracker came back with about 17 hours of GLORY. Need some new music? Some jams to pump you up? GOT IT.   Make sure to follow our Spotify for everyone’s… Read more »

Discovering Your True Dosha


Hey ODD fam, Have you heard of Ayurveda? It’s the sister medicinal science of yoga. It is rooted in the idea of creating balance and harmony between the body and the environment through diet, herbal treatments, and breath. Now that you’re clear on that, you should probably learn more about your dosha, or the energies… Read more »

Conscious Eating with Eleni


Welcome to Conscious Eating. What follows will not be a new dietary ideology, super food, or miracle cleanse. Rather, we will explore a life long, lifestyle approach to food based on the Ayurvedic Paradigm of Health. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates   The Principle of Conscious Eating is about… Read more »

ODDlight fam feature – Valerie Smith

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Meet Valerie! She’s our Manager Liza’s BFF, our resident tarot guru, and a crusader of curiosity! Name: Valerie Smith Nick Name: Val, Wife (Liza only tho) Hometown: I adopted Long Beach, CA as my hometown after 9.5 years there, but technically I’m from the Bay Area, a small town called Fairfax. Which is also an… Read more »

ODDbeats brought to you by Amy McGuire


Our featured teacher for June has made you a sneak peek into her brain! Get down with Amy’s ODDbeats and check out our spotify to see all the playlists teachers, staff, and managers have made.  

#ODDlight Feature – Amy McGuire

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It’s Amy in the ODDlight! This babe has been rocking our worlds for about 2 years at One Down Dog. An important fitness oriented element and a woman who makes a point to learn everyone’s name. Smart, silly, and so damn strong – check her out! Name: Amy McGuire Nick Name: Mac Hometown: Dumas Texas, Farmtown Oklahoma, Tempe… Read more »

#ODDlight Feature: Caitlin Randolph

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Each month we feature a member of the #ODDfam. Caitlin is OG ODD – The first work trade person, part of the second teacher training ever, and has been on the mat, at the desk, and teaching classes for 5 years of O.D.D.  She’s responsible for every caption you read and every post you like… Read more »

Adventures in Sanskrit

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This is Catherine Weiss. She’s about to drop some knowledge on you with some glory and grace. Sanskrit for Yogi’s workshop this Thursday – How did your sanskrit journey begin?  My Sanskrit journey began last spring in my 200 hour teacher training at ODD. Reading the Yoga Sutras I referred over and over to… Read more »

#ODDlight: Yoni Berk


This April we’re shedding some #ODDlight on the cool, calm, collected, Yoni Berk. If you haven’t taken class with him yet, get. on. it. You can FLOW with him on Monday and Tuesday nights in Silverlake! Name: Yonatan Shimon Wallin Berk Nick Name: Yoni, or The Schlemiel of Encino Hometown: Novato, CA Favorite Place: Ras… Read more »