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What is Yin Yoga Anyway?


Blog by: Samantha Akers “Yin Yoga.. what is it? Is it safe? Why should be practice this modality? Are we “stretching” ligaments?” These are all valuable questions. I believe we SHOULD practice Yin Yoga, but as teachers, we must have a deeper understanding of the fascia, ligaments and of what type of body benefits from… Read more »

Spotify #ODDbeats by Karen Resulto

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Check out Karen Resulto’s spotify playlist ODD Love. This playlist just like Karen and her Buti Yoga class will get you movin’ and feelin’ wild. Haven’t been to Buti? Anyone is welcome! Our buti class is open to men, women, and any human who wants to shake it. Tribal dance, yoga, plyometrics – it gets… Read more »

#ODDLight: ODDMama Jess

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Per tradition, we are kicking off the near year by shedding the #ODDLight on the one and only Jessica Rosen. In case you’ve been living under a rock, she’s the founder and CEO of One Down Dog (aka the one you might see dancing in the lobby of the Silverlake Studio and waving around raffle… Read more »

Holiday Gift Guide – #ODDgifting – Shop Small


Holiday Gift Guide time! It’s that time of year again! (HOW!?) Share the gifts you get here with #ODDgifting! It’s becoming increasingly more important to place your money where your heart lies. Supporting a small business is supporting a dream. Every single item in our retail is hand picked and thought through. GIVE THE GIFT… Read more »

#ODDlight Feature: Ayurvedic Clinician Eleni Tsikrikas

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Every month One Down Dog finds an #ODDlight feature for you all to learn about. Meet Eleni Tsikrikas – your local Ayurvedic Clinician who teaches our teachers, consults us privately, and opens the doors to self care in the form of yoga’s sister science. The natural medicine of Ayurveda. Intro to Ayurveda and making teas… Read more »

#ODDlight Feature: Jeff Van Ness

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Name: Jeff Van Ness Nick Name: Jeff Van Ness Hometown: Miami Favorite Place: I can acclimate to most places so I have too many favorites ~ really, any place where I can sit and think without boundaries. I can be near an ocean, someplace exotic, near my family, anywhere ~ if there is space for… Read more »

#ODDlight Feature Breathwork Teacher: Michelle D’Avella

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Each month we feature and shine the #ODDlight on the bright lights that keep this place going. Meet Micelle, she’s your monthly breathwork teacher, the first Wednesday of every month in Silverlake. Catch an additional chance to breathe and heal this August 16th for a collaborative Breathwork + Soundlab with Michelle and sound healer Lauren Waggoner. Name:… Read more »

#ODDlight Feature: Megan Feinberg

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Name: Megan Gila Feinberg Nick Name: megs, meggles, mugatu, boo Hometown: San Diego, CA Favorite Place: my desk in my room. Favorite color: green, but also the rainbow What’s your sign? Capricorn Most embarrassing moment? I peed my pants on a teacup like ride and walked away like nothing happened Most empowering moment? Graduating with honors… Read more »

Yoga Teacher Training – Continuing Education in East LA

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July is a month of yoga teacher training continuing education at One Down Dog. Open to any yoga teachers or teachers in training we have a range of opportunities for you to remain a student. Learn and work alongside fellow teachers to grow your practice and what you have to offer your students. Hands On… Read more »

Impact Report – 2016 Donations

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In 2016 your donations made a major impact in and outside your community. Here’s a report of how YOU have helped. Let this be your reminder to stay awake and involved. Look how much you’ve done! “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Theresa Over 100… Read more »