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Beyond the Swipe – Community, Wine, NO Technology


Check out a cool local event in Silverlake next month that will unite the fitness community of individuals who are single. This event will be unique in a sense that mobile devices will be required to be turned off-that’s right cell phones off, so people can disconnect and connect for real. This will allow others to be fully present with… Read more »



Looking for the best yoga in LA? Look no further because… ONE DOWN DOG IS LISTED AS ONE OF LA’S BEST YOGA STUDIOS ON RACKED LA!   CHECK IT OUT:   We are so grateful to be featured on the list of the BEST YOGA IN LA by Racked LA. Thank you so much for… Read more »

September Teacher in the ODDLight, Meet your guide: JESSICA ROSEN


  Meet Jessica Rosen! Our Founder, Friend, and Favorite Dance Partner! We sat down with Jessica Rosen, the amazing force that manifested One Down Dog! She took time to answer some questions about the studio, her personal life, and how the heck she MADE AWESOME HAPPEN! What’s your nickname? Jesi, lil J Where is your hometown? Detroit! (ok fine, West Bloomfield, MI)… Read more »



Fight June Gloom with fantastic tunes. At One Down Dog we love music – how it makes us feel and how it gets us moving. We know you love it too. That’s why every month we share our top 10 favorites! If you’ve ever wondered, “what is this amazing song?” while down-dogging in class? Wonder… Read more »

Give Back – make a difference

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At One Down Dog we are strong believers in paying it forward to make a difference. After all, what’s the point of having if you’re not willing to share? What’s the point of getting if you’re not willing to give? We would not be where we are without the help and support of so many… Read more »

Vegan Barbeque Recipes


Summertime, and the living is easy. When we think of summer, we think of hanging at the beach, road trips, late nights, swimming, and BBQs with great company. Unfortunately, some of the things that get thrown on the grill aren’t necessarily always the greatest for us. But why should we have to choose between enjoying… Read more »

Affirmats Yoga Mat Giveaway

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what’s better than a yoga mat giveaway?! An Affirmats yoga mat giveaway, that’s what! what is an Affirmat you ask? Affirmats are yoga mats that are made to make you happy and inspire a smile on the inside, even when that down dog split is the last thing you’d like to be doing right now…. Read more »

Silverlake Yoga

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Clearly we LOVE Silverlake (or Silver Lake, whatever:) and we LOVE yoga. Put the two together and you get… Silverlake Yoga… One Down Dog at a time! Silver Lake is the place of our yoga home. It is the hippest (or most hipster) city in the country, so Silverlake Yoga should pretty hip too, right?!… Read more »