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front of yoga studio and busy neighborhood from across hollywood blvd in East Hollywood la

Discovering East Hollywood

Jan 24th, 2024 oddfam Blog, Community

This is a tale of new beginnings. As you know, ODD Silver Lake moved to East Hollywood in December of 2023. Why, one may ask? The simple answer is that a lease ended, and a new door (and chapter for ODD) opened. The yogic answer: we accepted that the nature of nature is change and embraced what lay beyond the horizon. While Silver Lake will always be founder Jessica Rosen's first ODD baby, the new space, nestled a half-block from the intersection of Hollywood & Western (hello, easy public transportation and access to neighboring communities like Los Feliz, Hollywood proper, Franklin Village, and more!), offers so much to discover and love.

The new space is everything; you'll have to stop by yourself to see what I’m talking about. I'm East Hollywood's location coordinator, and I'm new to LA (and East Hollywood), so I'm also learning as I go. Spending so much time at the studio and in the neighborhood has been exciting! Getting to know the area and its inhabitants while discovering what this vibrant community has to offer has been so fun!

The best part? We are in the heart of Thai Town! Did you know that Los Angeles is home to the largest Thai community outside of Asia? Some pretty impressive historic landmarks nearby are also an absolute must if you're killing time between classes, showing visitors a good time, or just looking for new things to do in a neighborhood with which you may not be very familiar.

Do you like music as much as our yoga teachers? The historic Greek Theatre is located within Griffith Park – a mere 10-minute drive from the studio. After you CHILL with Dylan, MEDITATE with Emma, UNWIND with Elisa, get FIT with Eduardo, or chat with me about your next transformative yoga workshop, touch up at our refresh station and head out to one of our top picks for the best things to eat, drink, and enjoy in and around East Hollywood, even if you’ve been before – especially if you've been before! You can never try something just once.




the front of Thai restaurant Jitlada in East Hollywood, LA

Pro Tip: If you like things super spicy, they have a section called "one-of-a-kind," where you can experience that Southern Thai heat.

Lazy Acres

front of lazy acres grocery store in East Hollywood la

Why we love them: Beyond the fresh, seasonal, and healthy groceries, we appreciate their contribution to the neighborhood – when we celebrated our 11th Birthday at the new studio, they provided bites and even a gift card to raffle off to our students! Thanks, Lazy Acres 😍

Beachwood Cafe

Sanamluang Cafe

front of Sanamluang Cafe Thai restaurant in East Hollywood la

Ruen Pair

front of ruen pair Thai restaurant in East Hollywood la

Clark Street Diner

clark street diner East Hollywood la











Why we love them: We have to give a huge shout-out to Clarkstreet! They keep us fed in Echo Park, too! The freshest ingredients and the best locally made bread!


sqirl cafe east hollywood la

Why we love them: This spot is a capital V vibe. A quirky little brunch spot with an extensive menu.

Friends & Family Bakery 

friends and family restaurant East Hollywood la














LAcha Somtum Thai

lacha somtum thai restaurant East Hollywood la




maru restaurant East Hollywood la

Pro Tip: Espresso & Tonic and then put them together. Boom. Your next favorite drink.

Obet & Del's

Obet & dels coffee shop cafe in East Hollywood la

Pro Tip: The hype is real. Get the Filipino Iced Coffee 🤎🧋

Tabula Rasa Bar

tabula rasa bar East Hollywood la
Pro Tip: Watching all your friends order orange wine and have no idea what the big deal is? Tabula Rasa is a great spot to discover new wines in a laid back setting. No judgment!


bolt East Hollywood la



Griffith Park

Griffith park observatory East Hollywood la

Pro Tip: Amir's Garden is a hidden, lush garden which you can get to by hiking from Crystal Springs Drive. Berlin Forest and The Captain's Roost are two others to visit and you can volunteer at them as well.

Barnsdall Park

barnsdall park East Hollywood la

Fern Dell Nature Trail

The Greek Theatre

greek theatre East Hollywood la



Vintage Vortex

vintage shop in East Hollywood la

Why we love them: The owner is so friendly & each section is operated by individual people who rotate out their findings often!

Starday Vintage

starday vintage East Hollywood la

Why we love them: Era inspired and very, very organized.



Upright Citizens Brigade 

upright citizens brigade in Franklin village Los Angeles

East Hollywood Farmers Market 

fresh fruit at East Hollywood farmers market

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