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Day 21 – Fear


Fear.  We all have it. We all handle it differently.  Fear is what stops the flow, what disconnects us from ourselves and one another.  It’s what created so much drama in this last election.  Fear of change, fear of new, fear of different.  Fear is divisive and strong… if we let it be. Fear causes… Read more »

Day 20 – make a wish


This post will go up at 11:11pm (PST) on 11.11. I have always had a thing about 11:11… it is the time that I always happen to look at the clock.  I have always thought of it as a lucky number, and have been making wishes on it for as long as I can remember…. Read more »

day 11 – don’t sweat


It doesn’t have to be done all at once.  It will never all be finished.  There will be more.  And that is a wonderful thing.  It means I am still alive.  The end will be the end, and until then the book is still being written.  And I am the author. I was the kid… Read more »

day 7 – bad day

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  Struggling to find the words tonight.  I have 8 minutes until it is no longer day 7 and chances are this post won’t be up.  Fail.  Does it count if I haven’t gone to bed yet? The day started off ok, busy (as always), but overall smooth sailing.  Then I entered the danger zone. … Read more »