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day 10 – poison vs nectar


Writing a blog a day is hard work.  Especially after super long, intensely filled days.  A friend of mine, the wonderful Chelsea Vespa, otherwise known as LA Nanny, recently asked me the following questions after a mini breakdown while writing #30daysto30: Are you sure this isn’t making you crazy? Are you getting any joy out… Read more »

day 9 – real

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Halloween. A day to dress up and be something/someone else. Often used as an excuse to be excessive.  Eat tons of shitty candy, dress like a slutty whore, drink like a fish, etc.  Sorry to take all the fun out of it, but…  I personally use it as an excuse to crimp my hair once… Read more »

day 8 – exactly where I need to be

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My first yoga class (outside of a gym) was in 2005 at the Omega Institute while on a life-altering mommy-daughter trip with my momma and our good friends Bari and Ali (DogtailsShop.com).  My mom had started practicing yoga about a year prior and had been trying to convince me to attend with her.  During our… Read more »

day 7 – bad day

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  Struggling to find the words tonight.  I have 8 minutes until it is no longer day 7 and chances are this post won’t be up.  Fail.  Does it count if I haven’t gone to bed yet? The day started off ok, busy (as always), but overall smooth sailing.  Then I entered the danger zone. … Read more »

day 6 – list

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Growing up we’re taught about how difficult it is to be a teenager, how much transition happens as one grows into an “adult”.  Back then it was made to seem that while the teens are super tough, the 20s would be easy – graduate from college, start a great career, buy a house, piece of… Read more »

day 5 – thoughts

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Where thoughts go, energy flows… …the Internet went out.  FUCK!  Here I am on vacation stressed as fuck because I can’t get my work done, I can’t write my blog.  How messed up is that?! and then the self-doubt kicks in – what’s the point anyways? Nobody is going to read this thing.  Nobody gives… Read more »

Day 4 – it’s all relative

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It’s day #3 of the 2012 Hollander-Rosen family vaca at the Terra Bella yoga retreat in Glen Ellen, CA.  After a long day of hiking, eating, driving and exploring (where is the yoga??) I am sitting in our room with the pup realizing how lucky I am to have such a cool family. It’s funny… Read more »

Day 3 – abundance

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Family vaca day 2 …and we’re off to Muir Woods on our way to Sonoma.  On the way out of San Fran we crossed over the Golden Gate Bridge and I was reminded of a time when my husband and I traveled to Healdsburg for a wedding back in 2009.  We crossed over the Bay… Read more »

Day 2 – free to be

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When I was younger, I thought 30 meant I was an adult.  I thought that by 30 life would look a certain way, I thought things would be easy and fun all day everyday, I thought I would have a certain amount of money in my bank account and a super awesome life that looked… Read more »

DAY 1 – the beginning

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In 30 days I will be 30. I have been “writing” a blog for what seems like forever (3 years).  I have been “writing” this post for days now.   And by “writing”, I mean agonizing on whether or not to really go through with this thing.  I have feared posting a blog, feared putting things… Read more »