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#ODDlight Yoga Teacher Feature: Katherine Bradshaw

Each month we bring a teacher into the #ODDlight and illuminate their interests, practices, and who they are. There is a real person behind those teachers and it’s their knowledge filtered through their own experiences that make them that person that pulls you into class.

Name: Katherine Bradshaw

Nick Name: Kate (but only allowed by my mother) (Look at these great family photos – Mom and brothers!)

Hometown: Redondo beach, CA

Favorite Place: Hawthorne Valley farm in Ghent, NY – a tiny biodynamic farm where I have led retreats. I even walked a sheep once! On a leash!

Favorite color: crimson

What’s your sign? Gemini

Most embarrassing moment? N/a

Most empowering moment? Moving from NY to LA solo

Fun Fact most wouldn’t know about you? I’m left handed

Fun Fact most wouldn’t know about you? I’m learning to teach yoga in español – pronto!

Fun Fact most wouldn’t know about you? I try face my terrible fear of heights. just looking at someone sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon puts a wave through my whole body. So, At least a few times a year I make a pointed effort to do something extremely high up and semi-dangerous whether it  bungee jumping, walking across a  slack bridge, or parasailing. Pretty soon I will one day work up the nerve to skydive. Maybe. Yes. Definitely maybe I want to.

When you aren’t at the studio where can you be found (favorite past time)? At the Hollywood Farmers Market

How do you define yoga? Yoga is the healing process of calling the chatter in the mind.

Why do you teach? I teach because I believe in the Effects. Yoga is a healing modality. Mindful movement and breath lets the spirit take off stagnant layers of energy.

What brought you to become an instructor? I was 17 and I knew this was my passion and I wanted to share it in a bigger way.

What is your favorite song to play in class? Any other name by Thomas Newman

What is your favorite pose or flow? Why? I really enjoy Surya namaskar C in truth. Slow and delicious – perfect for invigorating or winding down.

Memorable yoga moment? Striking my first hand stand in the middle of class is the feeling of Sweet victory.

What is your favorite yogi prop or piece to wear or use? (favorite mala etc) I like to have a cushy bolster beNeath my spine during final resting pose. And! And eye pillow! I never take savasana without one!

What special causes or non-profits do you hold dear to your heart? (We will want to be more non-profits and would love to do so on your behalf) uprising yoga is an organization that helps teach teens in central juvenile hall downtown. I also teach in men’s central jail downtown with an organization called present yoga and meditation.

Are there any links, @names, and #hashtags you would you like us to use in promoting you and your happenings?             #yogaheals 

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    #ODDlight Feature: Jessica Rosen

    Each month we bring a member of the #ODDfam into the #ODDlight and illuminate their interests, practices, and who they are. There is a real person behind those teachers and it’s their knowledge filtered through their own experiences that make them that person that pulls you into class.

    JESSICA ROSEN is being featured for the 3rd time because gosh darn it, she owns the place! Check out her Past 2 #ODDlight features – HERE & HERE.


    What’s your name?  Jessica Fay Rosen

    What do you do here at One Down Dog?  I own this bitch!

    Your yoga studio before the remodel

    the small room, before the wall.

    When you were a little kid what did you want to be when you grew up? A lawyer.

    When you were a grownup what did you want to be when you grew up?  

    A therapist working with at risk teens and addicts. After 4 years of undergrad and 1 year of an insanely difficult masters program I became a therapist and realized it wasn’t for me. During my MA program I started practicing yoga and that changed my whole life. I started teaching at the rehab facility I was working at and found that to be more rewarding for both myself, and the students participating. Turns out yoga is my jam and I’ve been doing it and teaching it ever since.

    What was the original purpose of One Down Dog?

    Originally, originally… I created One Down Dog, LLC in 2011 because in the state of California if you work as an independent contractor making a certain amount of money you have to register as a business, and I knew one day this thing would be something. I was working as a yoga instructor at an adolescent rehab facility teaching yoga and leading addiction centered groups. The name One Down Dog came from “one day at a time” – a term often used in the recovery world to remember to stay present to and live life on life’s terms. One Down Dog is a reminder to take things as they come… one down dog at a time.

    After years working in other peoples yoga studios, working as a high school teacher and yoga instructor and working as an addiction therapist, I decided to take the leap and create the space I had always dreamed of. One Down Dog as you know it now was created to offer a space for people to connect and feel a part of something in a city where it’s easy to feel alone.

    What’s your favorite yoga pose? Down Dog …duh.

    What’s your favorite animal? Dog. Patrick Bateman specifically.

    What’s your favorite food? French fries.

    Top 5 places you order lunch from?




    Four Cafe


    How do you intend to #MakeAwesomeHappen in 2017? BY OPENING OUR THIRD STUDIO!! Echo Park! YAY!

    Tell us about a satisfying or memorable yoga moment?

    My first class back after having Max, my kiddo, was less than 2 months post partum on Thanksgiving day 2015. Class was packed with 72 bodies including my cousins. We sang Hello by Adele in unison. I love my ODDfam.

    What is a hope you hold?  That I will be an awesome mom and not fuck my kid up too bad.

    Fun fact?

    I played the Cello for a minute. My mom played when she was younger and had this super old Cello that she spent lots of money refurbishing for me. I took it to school one day and after hauling that big fucking thing on and off the bus I came home and announced that I was switching to viola. I then played viola for 3 years and was in advance orchestra in 8th grade. How’s that for a random fun fact?

    What should we be telling people about?

    MAKE AWESOME HAPPEN! 6 week workshop with Ellina and myself. Starts 1/27 –


    Baby Patrick

    Baby Daniel and Jessica (she never changes)

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      7 Day Awesome Instagram Challenge

      YOGA CHALLENGE! Are you down?

      Starting  Wednesday January 11 you have 7 days! We’ve got your mid month hump day challenge to keep you making awesome happen.

      It’s hard to keep that New Years Resolution fire burning so we have a challenge inspired by our coming 6 week #MakeAwesomeHappen workshop to keep YOU inspired! Some of the best yoga we do doesn’t include poses!

      Jenn Jordan’s Vison Board



      You must tag @OneDownDog in EVERY post. 1 or more of each daily challenges must be posted to your Instagram feed, the rest can be to your story if you want! Tag us!


      JANUARY 11th – DO SOMETHING FOR THE FIRST TIME! When was the last time you tried something for the first time? Show us what you tried.

      JANUARY 12th – CHANGE THE PERSPECTIVE! Things are AWESOME! Share 5 gratitudes  – a list, 5 photos, a video, any way you share. (tag us)

      JANUARY 13th – I AM LOVE – Self-care! The challenge is simple but we still seem to forget to make the time. Show us how you self-care.

      JANUARY 14th – RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS. That network is crucial – be somebody’s net today. We’d love to see a portrait, a story, a moment captured, or your representation of how you helped.

      JANUARY 15th – YOU CAN DO IT! Write 3 intentions for the day. Make sure they are things you CAN do and stick with. Cross ’em off. Get ’em done. Show us as they happen.

      JANUARY 16th – SWEATY SELFIE! Lets see your #ODDselfie, red faced, sweaty back, and totally stunning. Working hard is hot.

      JANUARY 17th – I DID THIS! Stop telling yourself that self story “I didn’t get anything done today”. You do a lot, every day. Share!

      Our first AWESOME our first location party.


      Is this the stuff that makes you feel inspired? Are these the life changing goodies that brought you to yoga?

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        #ODDlight Feature: You! The Students Of One Down Dog Part II

        This #ODDlight feature is a unique one as we will be featuring YOU for the rest of the holiday season! Several blogs to feature small slices of this big #ODDfam and featuring students on our Facebook and Instagram for the rest of the year! See our PART I of the blog HERE. We also asked ALL OF YOU some questions in the lobbies. Same questions we often ask our #ODDLIGHT features, some just for you – to learn a little more about each other and this big, diverse, and often silly community.

        Meet Lisa!

        She’s #ODDdogging, naturally. Because she’s #OGODD. We’ve probably already featured Lisa since she’s been around FOREVER! She was in the second #OneDownDog teacher training, not because she wanted to teach yoga (She’s got her hands full teaching kids with special needs) but because she was ready to dive more into her personal practice. BUT here’s the biggest reason we’re featuring Lisa today. Go back to last ODDlight blog HERE and meet Claudia – because LAST YEAR during our January Bingo Lisa brought Claudia in from work to try to the New Student Special (so Lisa could check off a square in bingo.) She didn’t even know Claudia had stuck with us at One Down Dog for a whole year past her very first class. This really is family around here.


        Memorable Yoga Moment?

        • “The moment I realized I couldn’t stand not doing yoga everyday. My sunrise flows in Hawaii were pretty memorable too.” @SergioOfarrill
        • “During BUTI when Karen had us massage our neighbor.” @lo0vedesiree
        • “First yoga class 2 years ago. When I first fell n love with the practice. And the class ended with the light within me honors the light within you.”-  @Bella_stardust

        Fun fact most wouldnt know about you?

        • “I had open heart <3 surgery at 6 years old 7 wasn’t scared” – @jennifer_mae_r
        • “I used to be an undercover investigator – @Malliha


        Meet Angela and Victor!

        THESE TWO ARE TOO MUCH. In the best way. They came in together for their VERY FIRST YOGA CLASS EVER a few months ago and literally came since October. These yogi’s are getting so much from showing up every day and we are getting even more from having them join this yoga fam. Angela even won our Halloween costume in class contest! It’s been great to hear them report on changes they’ve seen and felt and we see it too. Maybe it’s just because we’re all best friends now but these two shine when they are here. There’s a confidence. They are chatty, big smiles, and so down with just about anything. LOVE YOU TWO! You’re an inspiration on dedication and transformation.


        What brought you to One Down Dog (and yoga)? What makes you continue to come back?

        • “My Best friend brought me to Cindy’s CHILL class on Friday nights. I feel loved here and always challenged. LOVE YOU BABES…even when I’m late”
        • “My parents got me to One Down Dog/Yoga. I continue to come back because I feel happier throughout my days. When I miss too many classes I notice I do not feel as relaxed & feel kind of down. Love how I feel with yoga!”
        • “Class Pass. Yoni’s first class was amazeballs. I come back because of the positive vibes, people, and welcoming environment.”

        How do you spend your free time?

        • “Watching TV” (We appreciate the truth here too. Don’t we all TV!?)
        • “With my dog Serbi. Writing, practicing yoga, eating, spending time with family and friends” – SAM from the ODDfam


        Meet Cody!

        He’s so chill. And loves CHILL. He comes to CHILL with us every morning and if you see him in the evening it’s his second class of the day. He lifts too and this yoga is the balance to that. He’s got a calm cool collectedness we wish we could take credit for but mostly are glad he’s bringing that energy to One Down Dog. He comes every damn day, he even came on Christmas morning! You’ll spot him next time you chill together – he’s the one early to class laying in a heart opener with a great head of hair.


        How do you define yoga?

        • “Doing my best with what I have, right now.”
        • “Fun. Grounding. Life Changing.” – @Aguercia (featured below)
        • “Doing what you can, the best you can with what you have. For yourself. For others.” – @Jwardramirez

        If you could have any super power what would it be?

        • “An open heart ALL the time!”  – Dianna
        • “To tele-transport anywhere in the world by blinking my eyes. – Meghan


        Meet Alyse!

        We’ve probably already featured that mug drinker in the back, Sergio. But you know the saying – behind every good man is a better woman right in front of the photo, and a dog in the background. That’s the saying, right? Well, it is at One Down Dog. Alyse is dedicated and moves at her own pace. She’s been a regular here since January of 2015 and comes to a huge range of classes. She’s usually smiling unless it’s 6:30am and then usually its a sleepy smile even still. Alyse seems to bring that sweet, steady, simple, silly support to her people in a way thats admirable – very little show or ego about just how awesome we all know she is.

        What is your favorite pose or yoga prop?

        • “My mat.”
        • “Childs Pose because even if it seems like the easiest pose, it really isn’t. It’s so difficult to stay still and just breathe sometimes that this seemingly “easy” pose is actually a challenging one for me.” – Mar Danielyan

        What is your job?

        • “Researcher for TV game show” – @lovelyangela79 (featured above)
        • “Digital Marketing Creative Supervisor” – @McManimal
        • “Script Supervisor”
        • “Full Time Mom. No vacations.”


        We love ALL of you so much and cant wait for this next year of yoga and community. Make sure to follow our events on Facebook for free community events all year long. Join us at workshops for even better way’s to get to know each other. We can do yoga anywhere – it’s all of you that makes it a community that we all come back to.

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          #ODDgifting: Yoga Gift Giving Guide

          The get is in the give

          It’s hard to come up with unique gifts that align with what somebody wants and what you want for them. Shopping at your ODD-est little yoga home can lead the way to a sweet simple gift that says “hey! I thought lots about you!” To help you find that perfect gift for you, or a friend, we came up with our #ODDgifting guide.

          Classes –

          When you get a gift card of $50 or more for a friend, we’ll give you 20% off a retail purchase (the discount must be used by Dec 31st 2016) that you can use to grab goodies for yourself, or more for your friends.

          Gifts for ANYONE –

          These #gifts are great for anyone, even those that  don’t practice yoga. We only stock things we LOVE – things that have a story or a personal association involved. We want you to be able to give something that you feel good about.
          @dogtailsshop – one of our friends!
          @yourjoyologist – badass boss mama
          @the_wild_unknown – has personally been to this studio to chat with you all. One of the best new decks.
          @starkwaxingstudio – you already know you love these #LAlocals
          @krisnations – based in SF. super cute pieces.
          @sweetsimplevegan bag – she’s a student here!
          @yogatuneup – literally the gift we all give.
          @spiritualgangster phone case – because, duh.
          @mightybananasaurusrex eye pillows – this is Liza’s sister who makes them.


          We love these brands –

          Keeping with the caring – we pick brands we love and wear ourselves. Featured here is #SpiritualGangster. They represent that active lifestyle with a lot of extra gratitude thrown in. It’s not always about the leggings when it’s about that #YogaLife. Some of the softest fabric is found in these Spiritual Gangster shirts!

          Give the gift of yoga –

          These #yogaprops make for AMAZING gifts for yogis no matter where they practice. Manduka yoga is a go to brand for us. Their Pro-lite is what we use for rental mats because they last a lifetime. These blocks, straps, and sweat activated towels are great stocking stuffers. And the Eko Mat is Eco friendly AND super duper grippy. REMEMBER – if you’re buying gifts for somebody who practices at #OneDownDog you can grab a $50 giftcard for classes and get 20% off retail to grab one of these extra goodies.

          Small gifts are big –

          Size does not meet all requirements in gifts. These little goodies make for stunning, thoughtful, and sometimes silly gifts. Small things can certainly make a big statement.

          #SugarBean earrings and “Fuck” necklace – these also come in rose gold.

          #Hanna.Handmade bracelet and rings – we love love love her stuff and her!

          #YourJoyologist affirmation card – we have a whole deck for you.

          #GoodJuJu roll on essential oils – a blend for everyone and they have candles!

          Go with a theme –

          We have enough styles, colors, and favorite brands that we could HAPPILY help you put together a bundle of goodies. We went a little nuts on the red and green here with the season. Let’s use this photo to introduce your to One Down Dog’s FAVORITE PRODUCT…

          BEYOND YOGA SPACE DYE – Those green pants are made out of the BEST material ever. Soft, super stretchy, and tons of colors and styles in stock. It’s a must have fabric for #YogaPants for any yogi. We LOVE #BeyondYoga because they make the greatest fits in the yoga game, it’s a female owned company made in Los Angeles and they make clothes for every woman. Their image is what we support – we stock XS-XL in their clothes and if you surf their social sites you’ll see really normal awesome babes that aren’t overly made up, doing crazy poses… it’s just people doing yoga in pants that fit great. Cool.

          New Year, New Joy’s –

          The New Year is around the corner too! Even your friends who aren’t celebrating Christmas might want some of these goodies to get the year going with activity, comfort, and gratitude. First off –

          YES those #BeyondYoga pants are shiny and you CAN wear that entire top and bottoms and mala outfit to your New Years Eve party.

          We wont quit telling you to grab Your Joyologist notebooks, because they are great.

          Grab a YogaRX mug, we have a ton of phrases.

          Oh, and those Shop Knotty hair ties are great for gals that always have a hairband on their wrist.

          Still need some gift ideas? Find us on Instagram or come into the store and chat. We have ideas, sale rack, gift cards that come with 20% off, and so much more!





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